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Replace a Strymon Footswitch & Adjust Height [How To]

In the world of electric guitar effects for pedalboards, Strymons are one of the must-haves. Having owned (yes, past tense) a Strymon TimeLine, I opened its back cover to find that its footswitches are easy to replace. You can also adjust the Strymon’s footswitch’s height to fit your liking. Read on to find out how you can replace a Strymon footswitch in 5 minutes.

Strymon’s replacement footswitch (Link)

Strymons sound and function great, and are built to last. It’s nice to see that they use standard SPST momentary footswitches with quick connect leads in their “V2” models. Older Strymon small box effects come with click switches, while the version 2 and current pedals are built with soft footswitches.

Replace a Strymon Footswitch

This simple 5 minute DIY starts buy removing the back cover of your Strymon effects unit. However, you won’t be able to use this guide to replace a Strymon footswitch on their older models as stated in this support FAQ.

Since I have sold my TimeLine, Google Images came up with the below picture by Best Guitar Effects. With a replacement footswitch from Strymon’s website, all you have to do is remove the old footswitch with a 12mm hex socket, and plug in the replacement.

Strymon Mobius Internals, to replace footswitch
Strymon Mobius – Picture from Best Guitar Effects

You can also replace a Strymon footswitch with any other SPST footswitch from Ebay or AliExpress. Just solder the quick connect leads from the faulty footswitch to the replacement. The order of cables soldered to the replacement footswitch does not matter, because SPST switches work simply by cutting the current between its connected cables.

Adjusting the height on a Strymon Footswitch

You can adjust the height of Strymon’s footswitches using the same steps above. I did this for the tap tempo on the Strymon TimeLine, making it higher and easier to tap.

Adjusting the height of Strymon’s footswitches are just a balance of the hex nuts that sandwich the enclosure. You can even lower the footswitch flush to the enclosure where no screw threads show.


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