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A Samsung Galaxy S8 Case that doesn’t suck – Leather Case by Mujjo

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched end of March. There was much hype built up to the launch — with numerous video and picture leaks — which further increased its excitement when it was officially shown to the world.

Unbox Your Phone

The phone looks great and all, and I’m sure everyone has seen it by now. However, chances are you probably saw the hideous S8 case (if you could call it that) that Samsung sells. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ 2Piece Cover

2Piece Cover

It. Is. Beyond. Ugly. The concept is innovative, but the design is ridiculous. The mismatched colors doesn’t help. Overall, it takes away the beauty of the phone.

I don’t mind using a phone with a case, not the 2Piece Cover though. It’s partly because I’m clumsy, but aside from protection, I like cases that adds grip to the phone. Above all, the case must not be ugly, more so for the Galaxy S8 | S8+.

Galaxy S8

A great Galaxy S8 case wouldn’t hide the beauty of its Infinity Display. Another challenge is its bezel-less design, the Galaxy S8 case must ensure every part of the screen, buttons and ports are accessible.

Leather S8 Case

For all you future Galaxy S8 | S8+ owners, Mujjo is here to save you from that 2Piece Cover. Mujjo has had great success with leather cases for the iPhone, iPad, and also MacBook sleeves. A leather case for the Galaxy S8 | S8+ would be their first product for Android devices.

At the time of this writing, the leather S8 case by Mujjo comes in 2 colors, Black and Saddle Tan. The design is minimal and clean, giving the phone a professional look without taking away the beauty of the phone.

Mujjo Leather Galaxy S8 Case

Mujjo sells card cases and wallet sleeves for their iPhones, a similar product for the Galaxy S8 | S8+ will surely look good as well.

Prices start from $41.93 for the S8 case, and $46.60 for the S8+ case. It’s up for pre-order, will ship before May 8. Take a closer look at the Mujjo Leather Case for Galaxy S8 | S8+ on their website.


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