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My name is Brian Voo, and I reside in the heart of Malaysia. Welcome to my humble blog! A place where I write articles related to my interests. This would include PC Hardware, Guitars, Photography (a recent pursuit), and everything in between that I find interesting.

I used to write for, check out some of my articles! In a similar way, the purpose of my blog is to write niche content that helps people better understand the written topic, so I hope that whatever you happen read here is indeed interesting and beneficial to you.


I’m a Mass Communication degree holder from the University of South Australia. This website isn’t my job, as I have a full time job as a social media manager, with addition of some design and basic coding skills. Professional details are on my LinkedIn profile.

My interest for guitar came about a long time ago, and like many typical acoustic guitar players at home, I started with power chords and 4-chord songs, and never really moved forward. After being asked to pick up electric guitar in mid 2014, I had to up my level (and pedalboard) to keep up with a more experienced team, and be able to play with less thinking. It’s an ongoing process of learning, having no musical background doesn’t help, but it’s certainly more than a hobby. I currently serve as an electric guitarist at church, particularly Youth Ministry, Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur (YMFGAKL).

Photography is a really recent pursuit that began around November 2016 after being tempted into buying a camera for a holiday trip. I ended up with the SONY A6000 with Kit Lens, no idea how much this will be talked about as I’m really new to photography, but who knows?

Enough rambling from me, however, if you have read this far, thank you! Do contact me if you have any questions or enquiries.

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